Zero MMX Electric Military Motorcycle now available on GSA Advantage

The Zero Motorcycles "MMX" Electric Tactical Motorcycle
Zero MMX Electric Military Motorcycle – Part # 00-0XXX

Part Number: 00-0XXX

Zero Motorcycles assigns MacGyver Solutions to sell its MMX Electric Tactical Motorcycle to government agencies and military customers through its GSA Schedule.


No exhaust and exceptionally stealthy, the Zero MMX holds unique tactical advantages over traditional internal combustion alternatives. The 100% electric powertrain offers personnel the ability to rapidly move over technical terrain while making virtually no noise and emitting no smell. Perhaps the most covert form of two-wheeled transportation, the motorcycle is completely silent when stopped and can accelerate instantly from 0 rpm.

Using Zero Motorcycles’ industry-leading Z-Force® powertrain the Zero MMX features quick swappable power packs, direct drive gearing and an air cooled motor. With no transmission, powertrain fluids or gas the Zero MMX is also easy to transport and maintain.


  • Keyed ignition
  • Modular and quick swappable power packs
  • Ability to operate in wet or rainy conditions with a one meter submersion capability
  • Chain-drive
  • Off-board charger
  • Off-road tires
  • Kickstand


  • Drop Bars
  • Parking Brake
  • Off-Board Charger/Quick Charger
  • Passenger Pegs Kit
  • 12V Accessory Socket Kit
  • Top Box Rack Kit
  • ZF3.6 Power Pack Module
  • Quick Charger Y Adapter
  • Power Pack Module Charging Adapter
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